Nov. 18, 2016

Water Contamination in Fairbanks

Just attended a useful talk by Jackson Fox from the City of Fairbanks, Engineering Department. If you've been wondering about the groundwater contamination from the Regional Fire Training Center, you can give me a call and I'll pass along the info I've learned! Also, check out a map of local sites they've determined there is and isn't contamination over and above the Lifetime Health Advisory Level on my facebook page

If you want to do more research, check out these websites:

This website is designed to help real estate professionals (agents, lenders, appraisers, title searchers, and contractors), as well as home buyers and sellers, determine if real estate they may be buying, selling, or developing is contaminated or may be at risk. This site is more to show who's liable for cleanup.

And is a way to signup for email alerts about contamination information and education for the state of Alaska.

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Nov. 9, 2016

Real Estate Prices Around The Globe – US is in a Great Position!


You know what they say: Location, Location, Location! That’s true globally as well as locally. And turns out, the United States is one of the cheapest places to buy a home! A home here is going to cost you about a third less than a comparable home in Britain or Canada. And almost half as much as an equivalent home in Australia.

Check out the chart to compare prices around the globe! And, to see how home prices have changed over the past 30+ years check out this website.

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Feb. 16, 2016

Learn Local Culture near East Fairbanks Homes at Alaska Museum of the North

See Alaska art near East Fairbanks homes.To get a sense of the long, diverse history of Alaska, people living in East Fairbanks homes head to the University of Alaska Museum of the North. Take a break searching for East Fairbanks real estate for sale and spend a few hours at the museum. Start in the Rose Berry Alaska Art Gallery to see examples of art, starting with 2,000 year old ivory carvings and going through to the vibrant art work being created today. Check out the Gallery of Alaska to find out about the five ecological regions in the state. You’ll be greeted by a brown bear, which stands at 8 feet, 9 inches tall. Enormous wooly mammoth tusks will give visitors an idea of just how huge animals from the Pleistocene era really were. The special exhibits gallery explores changing subjects in detail. Opened in May 2015, Expedition Alaska: Dinosaurs is currently on display, taking visitors on a trek to find dinosaur bones throughout the state.

Each month, the museum puts together a number of public events centered around a theme. Come for movies, family days, and arts and crafts. Many people who live in East Fairbanks homes become members of museum to enjoy free admission throughout the year, invitations to special events, and discounts at the museum’s store. Learn more about current and upcoming exhibits, events, and membership at Alaska Museum of the North.

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Feb. 15, 2016

Kids in North Fairbanks Homes Have Fun at the Children's Museum

Kids in North Fairbanks homes have fun.When the weather outside is too cold to play, kids in North Fairbanks homes head to the Fairbanks Children’s Museum. The museum’s philosophy is that children learn best when they are allowed to explore their environment and play naturally. Everything in the museum is focused on providing a rich, hands-on experience for kids. Kids can play at the water table, look at rocks and other objects under a microscope, draw, wiggle and dance. Most Wednesdays at 11 a.m., kids and their grownups come for Mess Makers. Play with water beads and shaving cream, make crafts from handprints, or create art with toy cars. You never know what fun and creative activity the people at the museum will come up with!

Families from North Fairbanks homes should consider purchasing a membership to visit the museum for free all year long. Members also get discounts at the museum store, special rates for birthday parties, a 10% discount at the museum store, and more. If you’re looking at North Fairbanks real estate for sale with kids, stop in at the museum to let them get their wiggles out. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed Mondays.

Visit Fairbanks Children’s Museum to see a current schedule of events and plan a trip.

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Feb. 14, 2016

Get Coffee and Bagels Near West Fairbanks Homes at Sunrise

Get coffee near West Fairbanks homes.Coffee lovers from West Fairbanks homes go to Sunrise Bagel and Espresso for the best coffee in Fairbanks. Wake up with a cup of their strong brewed coffee or get a kick in the pants with a shot of espresso or a cappuccino. True caffeine addicts can go for a Sunrise Sludge. Hot tea, cocoa, and smoothies are also available.

If your hunt for West Fairbanks real estate for sale leaves you feeling hungry, try one of the bagel sandwiches. In the mornings, try an egg and cheese bagel, and add bacon or sausage for extra protein. They also make a great breakfast burrito, with potatoes, eggs, cheese, and your choice of meat. At lunch, try a burger bagel or a grilled cheese bagel. Roast beef, reuben, or chicken bacon ranch sandwiches and wraps are other choices. Satisfy a sweet tooth with a cinnamon roll, biscotti, or muffin, or get an ice cream cone or milkshake.

There are seven locations serving West Fairbanks homes. This local favorite gets rave reviews for their commitment to delicious coffee and quick, yummy meals. Be sure to ask your barista about the monthly special drinks. Visit Sunrise Bagel and Espresso to see the full menu and a list of all locations.

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